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Appellate and Complex Transactional Litigation

A group of lawyers having a board meeting.While each case is important, some cases present specialized challenges due to the complexity of the subject matters; multiplicity of causes of action; or distinct nuances that present unique questions of law. The Appellate and Complex Transaction Litigation team at TimberlakeSmith welcomes opportunities to develop innovative strategies to position complex cases in the best posture for resolutions favorable to our clients. TimberlakeSmith is where you need to be when you don't know where to go.

Our complex litigation attorneys assist trial counsel in litigation that requires targeted legal research and effective writing. We assist with the preparation and filing of all pleadings and records, both in trial courts and on appeal, including petitions, complaints, interlocutory appeals, appellate briefs, affirmative defenses, motions to dismiss, demurrers, motions for summary judgment, motions in limine, and post-trial motions and memoranda of law.

The experienced attorneys at TimberlakeSmith closely follow the development of law in all substantive areas of our practice and areA group of lawyers are having a meeting. familiar with the rules of appellate procedure, as well as broader issues concerning state and federal jurisdiction. Moreover, we have a refined ability to organize and clarify the details of complex cases, framing the legal issues so that judges and juries understand the issues for favorable outcomes for our clients.

Avoiding appeals is another component of appellate expertise—TimberlakeSmith takes a comprehensive view of complex cases. Our team strives to frame critical legal questions at the trial level, as well, to secure success at the trial level to avoid years of costly appeals. At the same time, we recognize and preserve issues for potential appeal.

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Appellate and Complex Transactional Litigation