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Employment Law and Workers Compensation

Pre-emptive legal advice, particularly for employers, is an economically sound investment; obtaining legal guidance before or during an employment dispute can minimize legal risks and negative publicity, and tends to be far more cost-effective than waiting for a lawsuit before consulting an attorney. The employment attorneys at TimberlakeSmith have specialized experience in the vast array of regulation that impacts employers, such as Title VII, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, FLSA, OSHA, USERRA and Workers Compensation, as well as general common law, contract and tort law issues. The employment attorneys at TimberlakeSmith routinely assist employers by reviewing and drafting documents such as employee manuals, company policies, contracts and severance agreements; providing advice and counsel about specific employee matters such as hiring/promotion, drug testing, non-compete agreements, suspension, discipline and termination; and providing training and other generalized updates to clients and their HR professionals on changes in applicable laws. Because TimberlakeSmith’s employment attorneys represent numerous employers on a daily basis, they are in a unique position to recognize trends confronting employers and stay abreast of changes in applicable laws, so their clients can anticipate and minimize legal risks.

In addition to providing counsel and advice, TimberlakeSmith’s employment attorneys handle workplace investigations. When charges and/or litigation ensues, the employment attorneys defend employers against all such claims, including wrongful discharge/Bowman claims, tort and contract claims, Workers Compensation claims, EEOC (discrimination and harassment) charges and litigation, FLSA claims, and (for public employers) 1983 claims asserting violations of the First Amendment and other Constitutional rights.

TimberlakeSmith’s employment attorneys are well-equipped to provide advice, counsel and representation to employers of all sizes and in all industries, whether the need for legal services involves day-to-day operational questions or complex litigation.